Connection No 1

Connection No 1 | Container & WAB | Telematics technology | No locomotive change

Route profile

The block train connection between the Port of Brunswick and the Port of Bratislava operates on a daily basis and will start with pocket wagons and conventional craneable megatrailers, standard trailers, swap bodies and containers in the first instance.

  • Scheduled time of departure in each case at hour 19 from the railway yard; closing of cargo in terminals in each case at hour 17 at the lastest. 
  • Scheduled time of arrival in each case at hour 11 in the railway yard; provisioning time from hour 12 in terminals.

Both directions, RailRunner® makes use of the modern multisystem Vectron MS, which is provided by CD Cargo. This is to ensure a smooth border crossing.

With the start of the initial rail connection, RailRunner® Europe is taking the first steps to implement its innovative bimodal technology in Europe, starting in 2019.

We do only transport semi-trailers but containers and swap bodies, too

With attractive prices, RailRunner® Europe allows for shifting transports with containers and swap bodies from road to rail in continental traffic. Whether dry cargo, bulk trade or liquid goods, our trains not only transport semi-trailers but 20-24’, 30’, 40’or 45’ (high-cube) containers or swap bodies of 7.15 to 14.67 meters in length. The block train connection between the Port of Brunswick and the Port of Bratislava operates on a daily basis both ways.

Telematics technology in all of our trailers and trains

All of our trains are equipped with GPS and the lorry trailers, which are rented by RailRunner® Europe and made available for forwarding customers, are also equipped with telematics systems. This means the location of each consignment is separately tracked by two independent location systems.

To Bratislava and Brunswick v.v. without changing locomotive

For the block train connection Bratislava-Brunswick, RailRunner® trains make use of the Vectron Multisystem locomotive with 6.400 kW of power.

The Vectron Multisystem locomotives are one of the most powerful engines in the European market: they are interoperable and flexible. In cross-border freight traffic between the two terminals of Bratislava and Brunswick, the Vectron MS has to pass through three different power fuse systems (in Slovakia and the Czech Republic 3 kV, respectively 25 kV, in Germany 15 kV). Our RailRunner® trains can do this with without having to change locomotives at the border with Germany.

Our offer is reliable and easy to plan. The Connection No 1 route with approximately 800 km is covered by the RailRunner® trains in 18 h (from terminal to terminal). As we manage without locomotive change, you as a customer are saving valuable time! Even if any delays occur on the route, the Vectron MS is strong enough to catch up as fast as possible.