RailRunner® Train

RailRunner® Connection No. 1  – Brunswick-Bratislava v.v.

Starting on July 31st this year, there is an intermodal train connection between the port of Brunswick and port of Bratislava for the first time. As a logistics operator, RailRunner® Europe GmbH offers the transport of mega trailers, swap-bodies and containers between these two strong economic regions to all shippers.

One out of Four: RailRunner®‘s new offer

With the start of the winter timetable, you can combine the flexibility of your truck with the power of the RailRunner® rail.
Equipped with a semi-trailer, your truck drives on the highway between Bratislava and Brunswick or vice versa, and 3 semitrailers are moved by rail. The trailers will be waiting in the terminal for the pick-up of the transported goods by your truck and the re-delivery or return of the trailer.

You do not have craneable mega-trailers to use the environmentally friendly RailRunner® rail? No problem, you can receive them from us! They are fully equipped with Schmitz Trailer@connect telematics, 16×10 m tension belts, 32 edge protectors, non-slip mats etc.
The benefits are clear:

  • Reducing tractor units and drivers,
  • Reducing the risk of traffic jams on highways, 
  • Trailer-sharing with RailRunner® lowers the cost of peak coverage and
  • You will always keep an eye on your transports by rail.

Have we caught your interest? Then call us quickly and book your slot and trailers! Our timetable already starts on this Saturday, December 9th, 2017 from Braunschweig.

Learn more about our offer in this Price Sheet:

Or open it in separate document (PDF).