System Advantages

  • Cost reduction in the ‘Supply Chain’ because of up to 40% more load units with less operational expense (≥15 to 25%) per 700m-train
  • ‘Door-to-Door’ transports without additional semi-trailers or Container Chassis
  • Savings in terminal infrastructure
    • Parking lot infrastructure without cranes or reach stackers
    • No heavy pavement or foundation for high loads
  • Handling cost approx. 40-50% lower when compared with cranes and reach stackers, because of low handling times of 1.5 Min. for unloading and 3 Min. for loading (no subsidies considered)
  • Horizontal handling below catenaries without switching locomotives (electric/diesel), level-grade track and service road for road vehicle access is necessary
Enhanced Transport Intermediate Unit Bogie

Enhanced Transport Intermediate Unit Bogie

  • Fully compatible and interoperable with todays intermodal systems of vertical crane handling in combined container transport
  • Loading units (semi-trailers, chassis with container or swap bodies [WAB], ect.) can be used without restrictions in regular road transport
  • No parking cost for non-utilized, with forklift pockets equipped rail bogies, storage on dedicated pallets
  • Problem free changes of load units, also in case of changes in allowable dimensions and weights, in particular of longer semi-trailers
  • Lower cost for cargo packaging, load securing and insurances because of air suspension and shock absorbers in the train
  • Low cost emergency concepts in case of a system breakdown of one transport mode (Rail or road)
  • Full utilization of the rail loading profile with higher or longer load units (adaptation to road regulations in case no regular road transport is possible or exception certificate is available)