More Value for Road and Rail

The RailRunner® Solution:

  • Moves semi-trailers and chassis on rail with its innovative, world-wide patented rail bogie
  • Realizes terminal loading and unloading times comparable to todays market standards
  • Uses simple “Terminal AnywhereTM “- technology, which does not require expensive cranes and reach-stackers and does not require heavy ground preparation, foundations and pavements thus saving millions of Euro’s or up to 80% in terminal investments
  • Allows fast and simple assembly and disassembly of intermodal trains under catenaries without time consuming and expensive shunting with diesel locomotives
  • Is fully compatible with existing intermodal systems being handled in todays centralized terminals at seaports and in the ‘Hinterlands’
  • Offers fast adaption to market changes of load units (Semi-trailers, containers, etc.) without new investments in rail vehicles
  • Enables simple and cost effective track changes between European rail networks