RailRunner® in Europe

When decision was taken in the US starting to market the RailRunner® system on a worldwide basis, investigations were initiated to verify the technical and commercial possibilities to of certifying the technology in Europe. Several studies with DB AG, TÜV and SGKV were ordered and no principal barrier discovered. When starting the certification process RailRunner® discovered that the only valid Standard UIC 597 was not incorporated as part of the new European rail Standard TSI WAG. A presentation with extensive technical discussions was given to ERA and during one year accomplished, that the new TSI as published in March 2013 now contained wording allowing the certification of bimodal system and innovative components.

Due to different technical standards and operating requirements, the US design of rail bogies and trailers are adapted for implementation in the European Union.

Final registration of the RailRunner® Europe GmbH has been undertaken as a step into the European market.

The company was founded on 14.01.2015 by the US parent company RailRunner® NA Inc., Waltham, MA, based in Hamburg.

EuropakartePurpose of the company RailRunner® Europe GmbH is the

  • Development of innovative rail technologies and services,
  • Design, organization and marketing of transportation services in combined road / rail road,
  • Licensing of Rail Runner® worldwide patented bi-modal transport equipment and means of transport.
  • RailRunner® commercial operations in Europe require product homologation and certification by the European Rail Agency and related bodies for both rail and road.
  • RailRunner® has undertaken an extensive marketing effort to measure potential demand in Europe
  • RailRunner® has formed RailRunner® Europe GmbH in Hamburg to lead our efforts in:

–Market communications and development

–Organizing financing for certification and working capital

–Securing anchor clients for products and services