RailRunner is driving ahead …

Truck and train – a productive combination

Your truck takes over the pick-up and distribution of the goods, and instead of planning for waiting, rest and storage times on the route, the RailRunner is already going ahead, without stops or delays.

The RailRunner train connection is powerful and reaches the destination terminal within 18 hours. Your trailers then only wait for the pick-up by truck. Your drivers and customers will be delighted.

Try our special offer – special prices await you in September (price sheet, pdf).

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To Bratislava and Brunswick v.v. without changing locomotives

The Connection No 1 route with approximately 800 km is covered by the RailRunner trains in 18 h (from terminal to terminal). This is only manageable when a locomotive change is dispensable at the border between Czech Republic and Germany. In order to ensure that, all RailRunner trains make use of the Vectron Multisystem locomotive with 6.400 kW of power – one of the most powerful engines in the European market. 

CD Cargo provides RailRunner Europe permanently with two locomotives from its stock. 

To find out more, please click here.

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Telematics technology in all of our trailers and trains

To find out more about our offer as a neutral intermodal operator for freight forwarders, please contact us at:

Phone:  +49 40 23800658
Mail:      sales@railrunnereurope.com
Web:     www.railrunnereurope.com

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RailRunner® “Connection No 1” has started

On time, today at 19:00 p.m. the trains departed the terminals in Bratislava and Brunswick in both directions. The arrival at the respective destination terminal is expected at noon the following day. The block train connection operates on a daily basis and will start with pocket wagons and conventional craneable mega trailers, swap bodies and containers in the first instance.
Read more in our Press Release!

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Connection No. 1 starts on July 31st, 2017

The intermodal train connection between the port of Braunschweig and port of Bratislava  starts on July 31st, 2017.  As there were not enough craneable MEGA trailers available to start on April 18, the new block train connection had to be rescheduled. With the start of the “Connection No 1” on July 31, RailRunner Europe is taking the first steps to implement its innovative bimodal technology in Europe. Read more in the Press Release!


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RailRunner Europe launches “Dreaming of GigaLiner?” Campaign


Focus on high-performance and innovative rail technologies
(Hamburg, 27 October 2015)

The use of long HGVs currently dominates the debate on transport policy in Europe. Once again the potential high performance of rail, given the stronger haulage and greater utility of modern rail technologies, is drowned out in the discussion.

Therefore RailRunner Europe GmbH, the innovative rail-technology company, in preparing the successful adaptation of its bimodal RailRunner technology, as tried and tested in the USA, is launching in Europe a campaign entitled

“Dreaming of GigaLiner?”

Its aim is to spotlight more strongly the potential of innovative rail technologies in Europe. As in the USA, adaptation and market launch is planned on the basis of private financing models.

Most recently RailRunner Technology was selected as one of three finalists at the renowned future prize for logistics of the Hamburg metropolitan area. The bimodal RailRunner system scored well with its several new technological developments, designed to strengthen the position of road-rail transport and the acceptance of rail-goods traffic. These include: pneumatic suspension, independently self-guiding axels, shock-absorber systems of the type usual in road traffic, plus disk brakes, fork-lift receptacles, a locking and security system integrated into the bogie, and a built-in ramp for fast “drive-on-drive-off” train formation.

At the same time as the campaign is launched, RailRunner Europe’s English internet site (www.railrunnereurope.com) will be up and running. A sound-free presentation video in seven different European languages (Danish, German, English, French, Polish, Swedish and Spanish) explains and demonstrates the benefits of bimodal technology. Further languages will follow.

RailRunner sees a pioneering future and ready acceptance particularly in the system’s well-developed capacity for collaboration. “Rail-goods traffic in Europe can also reach the flexibility of the HGV with the aid of innovative technologies in combined rail and road transport”, says Gerhard Oswald, founding director of RailRunner Europe GmbH.

RailRunner Europe GmbH of Hamburg was founded in January 2015 with the aim of launching on the European market an adaptation of the innovative technologies developed by its parent company RailRunner NA Inc., with headquarters in Waltham, Massachusetts (www.railrunner.com). The new innovative generation of bimodal rolling stock incorporates a technology which has been used successfully and reliably in the USA for more than 25 years. RailRunner’s certified products have been working there defect-free for more than 9 years.

You can download a PDF of this press release here.

Contact: RailRunner Europe GmbH, Gerhard Oswald Phone: +49 40 2094064970
eMail: info@railrunnereurope.com

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RailRunner set for modified European rules

The company says the TSI now includes expanded technical requirements, which allow bimodal technology to be standardized throughout Europe. RailRunner said it is well positioned to pursue to anticipated certification of its equipment according to European market and standards requirements.

“The emergence of a clarified TSI standard for bi-modal allows us a clear path tobring a safe and compliant system to market,” said RailRunner President and CEO Charles Foskett. “This will directly benefit operators and shippers throughout the European Union.”

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Implementation of bi-modal technology in Europe

The formation of RailRunner Europe GmbH i.G.‘ in Hamburg officially launched the company‘s implementation of its new innovative rail technology in Europe. Gerhard Oswald became Managing Director of the new company; at the same time Oswald is also managing owner of the consulting company GOMULTIMODAL GmbH, Hamburg.

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