Truck Flexibility

Truck Flexibility for Rail Freight Transport

  • RailRunner®’s solution orientated innovation opens a new chapter in ‘combined intermodal transport’ as it increases flexibility in rail freight transport and making it more energy efficient, environment friendly and raises its market value for its customers
  • RailRunner® enables intermodal rail networks to extend to new markets, which were with todays systems economically difficult to serve
  • RailRunner® uses the power of a tractor for coupling semi-trailers and chassis loaded with containers to its bimodal trains, which saves millions of Euros in capital and operational cost
RailRunner Terminal Anywhere Access

RailRunner® Terminal Anywhere Access

  • RailRunner®’s bimodal technology has been operating trouble-free in the USA since nine years and plans implementation in Europe, South Africa and India for its next markets
  • While in the last 20 years, intermodal rail freight transport in Europe has grown in average by 7% per year, its market share in continental transport only achieved less than 6%
  • Reasons for the small market penetration in Europe are the principle limitations in conventional intermodal transport (short distances, natural and technical borders, etc.), which can partially be alleviated by RailRunner®’s lower cost innovation and its bimodal “Terminal AnywhereTM”- system
  • RailRunner® Europe is ready to develop a large and growing segment of the European freight and logistic market and wants to generate a sustainable rate of return on the investments for its investors