Design Bogie


  1. IU_side-viewRailRunner®‘s rail bogie air suspension system improves its running behavior by reducing vertical forces and rendering better cargo protection
  2. Self-guiding articulated axles reduce IU_top-viewwheel wear as well as wear on rail track and thus significantly save cost in bogie and infrastructure maintenance
  3. Combination of air suspension and self-guiding axles reduce noise and CO2
  4. Self-guiding bogie ramp design facilitate and accelerate loading of semi-trailers and container chassis with tractors or tugmasters
  5. Forklift pockets incorporated in its frames allow unused bogie being taken off the track and thus reduce parking cost and allow realization of new on-site maintenance concepts
  6. High-tensile steel increase strength and lower vehicle weight
  7. Disc brakes increase cargo protection and reduce cargo shifting as well as noise from rail operation