RailRunner® Basics

RailRunner® is an innovative rail products and services company with headquarter in Waltham (MA) USA providing low-cost intermodal transportation solutions to underserved markets worldwide. RailRunner®’s unique Terminal Anywhere™ system enables shippers to combine the economics of rail with the flexibility of trucking. There are subsidiaries in South Africa and since January 2015 in Europe, headquartered in Hamburg.

Interoperability, efficiency, environmental protection, noise reduction and co-modality are fundamental transport and infrastructure policy goals. These goals are supported by the new generation of the innovative bi-modal road/rail system of RailRunner®.

Bi-modal means the use of regular re-enforced semi-trailers or chassis, which are horizontally connected in a simple self-guiding manner to rail bogies with the help of conventional tractor units or tug-masters. No heavy lifting equipment (Cranes, reach stackers, etc.) or other mechanical means (Horizontal movers, lifts, etc.) are needed, when assembling the trailers to become a train and serving as a rail compatible load unit on rail.

By allowing containers to be predominantly carried by more energy efficient rail, RailRunner®’s technology can significantly mitigate the impact of high fuel prices and their volatility in the transportation formula while at the same time, providing more direct, cost-effective access to the containerized transport network, opening new markets for shippers. A simple expression of this concept is that one locomotive + a two-man crew replaces in a 700 m long train  48  13,62 m trailers or  54 40’ container chassis, tractors and drivers. Reduced fuel consumption, of course, results in lower pollution, and the shift from road to rail results in less traffic congestion and infrastructure strain on road systems.

As of this date, RailRunner® has operated commercially in North America only. The product has been fully tested by the American Association of Railroads (AAR) testing center (TTCI) in Pueblo, Colorado. RailRunner® is designed to AAR M1001 specifications and other relevant AAR standards. RailRunner® has been approved for operation by the Federal Rail Administration on NS, UP, CSX, TCWR and NYSW.  RailRunner® has operated on a Norfolk Southern (a Class I railroad) as well as on the Twin Cities and Western short line, with other operations soon to be implemented on other Class I railroads in the United States. The product has in excess of 500,000 km of operation without a line of way incident of any kind.

RailRunner's European IU Bogie

RailRunner®‘s European IU Bogie