Implementation in Europe

  • For over 35 years bimodal systems are successfully operating in the USA
  • Based on this experience, RailRunner® has developed a simple connecting bimodal technology “without the use heavy lifting equipment”, which enables environment-friendly transport of semi-trailers and containers at lower cost with higher fuel efficiency
  • RailRunner®’s technology offers:
    • ≥20% more load units (LU) (semi-trailers) per train
    • Approximately 15 to 20% reduction in overall logistic cost per LU (e.g. traction, terminal handling, operating cost) in rail freight transport
    • Significant reduction of environmental impact (8-10% less CO2; ≥5 dB less noise below 2020 applicable EU standards; less maintenance cost for bimodal vehicles and less rail wear)
    • Over 8% energy savings compared to other systems in EU ‚combined transport‘
    • Elimination of rail ferries and better utilization of bimodal LU‘s in RORO transport
  • As of 1st January 2014 the new European rail standard TSI (Technical Specifications of Interoperability) allows certification of bimodal technology
  • In January 2015‚ RailRunner® Europe GmbH was established in Hamburg
  • Adaptation and certification of the technology is beginning in 2020
  • On 31st July 2017 a  pre-pilot operation started between Braunschweig and Bratislava v.v. first with conventional technology (pocket wagons and craneable semitrailers)
RailRunner, N.A. Inc. Corporate Organization

RailRunner®, N.A. Inc. Corporate Organization