Innovating Intermodal


Aimed at adapting the US-American technology for Europe, RailRunner Europe GmbH was established in January 2015 in Hamburg. 

Starting this year, there will be an intermodal train connection between the port of Braunschweig and port of Bratislava for the first time. As a logistics operator, RailRunner Europe GmbH offers the transport of mega trailers, swap-bodies and containers between these two strong economic regions to all shippers. The start for the first block train connection will shortly be fixed.

RailRunner Europe is ready to hit the track!

Brunswick – Bratislava: Option „Future“

The train connection between Brunswick and Bratislava is based on comprehensive market analysis in order to meet the requirements of a conventional block chain relation. Farther, this connection will later introduce the innovative bimodal RailRunner technology. In addition, RailRunner Europe includes the development and arrangement of the RailRunner’s”Terminal Anywhere” Solution, which is planned for the year 2019. This system allows the handling of trailers or chassis in a short minute interval of 2 minutes onto the innovative RailRunner bogies.